Darby- Jenn's Cat

So this is Darby. He is a rescue kitty that found a home with us and we have come to LOVE him! About two years ago, Darby was stranded high in our neighbor's tree. Our daughter, who has wanted a kitten FOREVER, found him and summonsed dad to get a ladder and rescue this poor little guy. We were hesitant to keep him because...well, I am allergic, but Darby has won us over with his laid back cat-attitude and with his devotion to our daughter, Rylee. He spends most of his time outside and in our garage but, frequently I find him cuddled up to my daughter who likes to sneak him in.... which our dog Tucker just loves by the way ( said in sarcastic voice);) Oh, and Darby has his own Instagram page. You can follow him at @darbeycat. -Jenn


We stayed in a "Restabinrant" during our 2017 U.P. Michigan trip:)

Okay, you may be asking what is a "Restabinrant". Well, it is a cabin that is attached to a functioning, real working, restaurant. Sounds like an adventure....we thought so!  I think the advertising for the cabin actually stated something like " free smells included". (We were happy that fried fish was not on the menu;) Turns out that when you have a large group, having a restaurant connected to your cabin is quite handy and allows the moms to have a vacation from making dinner:) I wish we had a photo of our home away from home to share. It really was comfy, cute, and had plenty of room for us all to spread out. Anyway, here are a few pics of our 2017 U.P. Michigan adventure.